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Seattle Children's Research Institute offers a number of core laboratories and services. These cores provide our scientists access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and technical services and are administered through a centralized department responsible for ensuring that services are affordable, convenient and efficient.

iLab Cores at Seattle Children's Research Institute

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
ABSL-3/BSL-3 Lab Reiling Liao (206) 884-3186
Acti-Core Tonya Palermo 206-884-4208
Cystic Fibrosis Isolate Core
Flow Cytometry Core Gene Hess 206.884.7382
Insectary Tess Seltzer O: (206) 884-3127 C: (650) 464-2001
Investigational Drug Service Core (IDS) IDS Staff 206-987-4031
On-Site Supply Core (OSS)
Pediatric Clinical Research Center (PCRC) Jodi Smith (206) 987-2524
Preclinical Imaging Core OAC Preclinical Imaging Core
Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core (RCRIC) RCRIC Staff
Research Coordinator Core (RCC) tina allen 425-213-4585
Research Informatics Marc Carlson (206) 884-1586
Research Lab Services (RLS) RLS Staff (206) 987-1875
Research Operations Core Derek Colyn 206.884.1304
Seattle Children's Core for Biomedical Statistics (CCBS)
Therapeutic Cell Production Core (TCPC)