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Overview of Services

The Center for Global Infectious Disease Research has an insectary capable of rearing research-grade mosquitos for bench research projects. Mosquitos are used for a number of research projects both internally and externally, with the bulk used for infection with a number of different malaria infection models. Currently, we can provide Anopholes stephensi mosquitos of various ages or stages (eggs, larvae,pupae, adults).

Uninfected and infected cages of females are available for purchase. There is some lead up in order to infect cages. For P. yoelii and P. berghei infected cages it will take typically 1 week to infect mosquitos. From that point researchers may receive their cages at their liking or wait for the full incubation time (15 days for P. yoelii and 21 days for P. berghei) and this would include a midgut oocyst check on day 11. We are able to infect mosquitos with our inhouse stock of parasite or, with the correct agreements, we are able to cycle external stock on request.

We ship live uninfected mosquitoes and mosquitoes infected with Plasmodium yoelii and Plasmodium berghei to investigators within the United States for research use. Mosquito cages will be shipped in packaging compliant with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for UN 2900. Shipping costs are to be paid by recipient laboratories including return of empty biosafety suitcase to Seattle Children's Research Institute.

We can also provide dissection services for external customers, including Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites. Dissection services are charged by the hour. Typically, about 1.5 hours is needed to dissect a full cage. For safety reasons we cannot ship live infected P. falciparum mosquitoes or sporozoites, so sporozoites are purified prior to cryopreservation and stored in liquid nitrogen. We typically sell cryopreserved sporozoites per vial containing 1 million sporozoites, but can freeze in larger or smaller quantities upon request.


Note: Infectivity is not guaranteed, due to the variability of many factors. Insectary staff will work with you in order to get the best results.

To learn more and inquire about services please contact Cecilia Kalthoff.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Facility Hours: 24 hours

Staff Hours: 8:00a-12:00p, M-F

307 Westlake Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

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Cecilia Kalthoff
Insectary Manager