Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core (RCRIC)

Location and Hours of Operation

RCRIC is based within the Department of Radiology on Seattle Children's main campus.

Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  



The Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core (RCRIC) provides Seattle Children's investigators and extramural study teams with support for research data collection and image processing and data storage for radiological modalities including: 

  • Digital and slot-scanning x-ray
  • Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
  • Ultrasound (diagnostic and elastrography)
  • Single- and dual-energy computed tomography (CT)
  • 1.5 and 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI/MRS/DTI/fMRI)
  • Nuclear medicine (PET/CT and SPECT/CT)
  • Interventional procedures.


Service Requests

The four main categories of work performed by RCRIC are listed below. Requests require one-time iLab registration. Note: Image Copying and Study Setup require a budget number (LAN) prior to submission.

  • 3D Modeling, Data Activities - Surface/structure reconstruction, volume rendering, image analytic processing
  • Research Image Copying - to media or digital transfer 
  • Study Setup (post-award) - full study setup for data-collection or image management (multi-site study DICOM transfer/storage)
  • Radiation Safety Review - for research procedures requiring radiation (study protocol and consent forms required)







Do I need to fill out an iLab service request for a quick question?

If you are already registered, please use the Contact tab on top right within our iLab page. This is easier than a service request and keeps the conversation easy to find and follow. If you do not already have an iLab account, please direct quick questions to and put CONSULT in the subject line.


What if I need a price for a research scan for grant submission?

For exam pricing, please contact CRBA support services (email). Knowing the EAP and information about what is the most similar clinical exam will facilitate your request. Sending a detailed protocol along helps too.


Do I need a budget number (LAN) to request services?

For image copying and formal study setup, a budget LAN number is required. There is currently no charge for Radiation Safety Review. Depending on service request (e.g. 3D model with printed result) a quote may be generated for approval before work is performed.


Radiation Safety Review

How do I know that my study requires Radiation Safety review?

If your study is going to include a radiation-containing modality (x-ray, CT, PET, SPECT, DEXA), then you might need radiation safety review. The major consideration is whether exams being requested in a research protocol are considered standard of care (SOC) or research.

Sometimes this is not so clear. The below questions provide guidance as to whether or not a radiation safety review is required. If you are unsure, please contact us directly.

  • Is the study imaging identical to a SOC exam AND does the exam occur at an identical or less frequent interval than is typical? No radiation safety review is needed.
  • Is the imaging planned identical to a SOC exam BUT occurs more frequently than is typical? For example, DEXA scans are performed every three months, when clinical care at Seatttle Children's is six months. Radiation safety review is needed.
  • Is the imaging different than SOC? For example, a study that requires two planes of elbow images when only one is typically collected SOC. Or, non-FDA approved used of a radioactive ligand. Radiation safety review is needed.
  • Is all or part of the study imaging charged to a study budget? Radiation safety review is needed.


When should I submit Radiation Safety?

Upload your study protocol document and consent/assent forms into iLab at the same time you submit your IRB. 


How long does Radiation Safety review take?

Most requests take two to three weeks for review. The exception is nuclear medicine studies which can take up to four weeks. Note: if protocol changes are sent from the sponsor that alter radiation containing imaging details, additional review delay may occur.  Please upload any additional files into iLab as soon as they are received.


Image Copying

What are the different types of image ordering? Are they priced differently? What is the turn around time for image ordering?

For image copying in Radiology, there are three current options: 

  • A DICOM data-set is copied to media (CD/DVD), incorporating any requested coding/anonymization. Two weeks is a typical turnaround time with a $16 charge per exam (internal), $24 (external). Large volume requests may take longer and/or incur additional costs if film scanning is required.
  • A DICOM data-set is copied to local disk/share/HIPAA-secure cloud, incorporating any requested coding/anonymization. One week is a typical turnaround time. Large volume requests may take longer and/or incur additional costs if film scanning is required.
  • Image study management, such as when a large multi-site study sends data into a central repository at Children’s, requires additional information to define logistics. Please include as much detail as possible and a work scope/pricing quote will be generated. 

What defines an exam for image copying?

An exam includes all of the images collected for a modality encounter. For example, a patient has a CT and MRI of the head on 1/1/2011. An exam copy request would equal two image copy events, one for the CT and one for the MRI.


Study Set Up

When do I submit my study setup information into iLab?

Submit your study setup information in iLab as soon as your study is funded or contract approved and a LAN received. IRB final approval is not required. Please do not submit unfunded studies into iLab.


How do I know what category my study is?

Studies fall into one of three levels with corresponding startup fees. The fee covers all prep and study logistics related to imaging to ensure we have the technology and processes in place for research imaging to proceed. Rates are based on modality and complexity. For standalone studies (not part of a consortium), startup pricing is below. For consortium studies, (studies where there are many sub-studies under one LAN), see consortium rates below. A quote will be generated for your approval following your submission.

Standalone study set up rates:

  • Level 1: Simple research imaging (e.g. DX, DEXA, US), Fee: $619
  • Level 2: CT, nuclear medicine (SPECT/CT), Fee: $1700
  • Level 3: Industry trials, MRI, multiple modality studies, Fee: $2732


Seattle Children's consortium groups may elect one of two options to be applied to all projects within the specific consortium:

  • Option 1: The entire consortium group is charged a single Level 3 (above) rate every 12 months.
  • Option 2: Each study under a consortium agreement is viewed as a separate billable unit, and charged at the appropriate level described above


Additional Personnel Costs

Some industry studies require extensive training of Radiology personnel to allow study initiation. This may require additional hourly time charges for technologist. Physics work is also something that can be billed depending on study needs.


Radiology technologist

Study-related activities that are outside of standard duties (e.g., sponsor requirements for phantoms, extensive technologist certification/training, maintenance and/or submission of monitor reports or workbooks, offsite meetings with sponsor representatives). When these requirements are identified in the protocol or in early communication with sponsors, estimated expenses will be incorporated into the study budget at the outset.

Hourly rate: $65



Study-related phantom testing, creating custom acquisition, analyses or data-manipulation, protocol optimization that may be non-standard and time intensive, and/or study-related analysis software or oversight of minor equipment installation.

Hourly rate: $85


Rate Adjustments

RCRIC support charges are reviewed yearly, with rate adjustments made as appropriate. Please note that all charges for imaging exams are subject to coding and billing regulatory requirements, Seattle Children's pricing changes and other revisions depending on intensity of workflow/resource utilization.


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