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On-Site Supply Core (OSS)

Overview of Services

Center Support Services established the On-Site Supply Core in 2014 to reduce waste and increase efficiencies in supplying labs with the most commonly used non-perishable lab supplies.


A cross-functional team representing lab staff, lab managers, and administrative staff evaluated over a year’s worth of purchases across all centers to identify the most purchased items, and create a process for supplying them “just in time”.

Core Staff

Derek Colyn
Operations & Materials Specialist
JMB Shipping & Receiving Room #120

Migmar Lhamo
Operations & Materials Specialist
OL Shipping & Receiving

Robyn Kinyua
Operations & Materials Specialist
307 Wesklake Shipping & Receiving

Lobsang Tsering 
Operations & Materials Specialist

Jeremy Green
Operations & Materials Specialist

Cure Shipping & Receiving



Olive Lab Building 307 Westlake Jack MacDonald Building  Building Cure
1100 Olive Way 307 Westlake Ave N 1900 9th Ave  1920 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98101  Seattle, WA 98109 Seattle, WA 98101 Seattle, WA 98101


The OSS is site specific.   Pick up it between 2-4pm at all sites, where lab staff can pick up all of their deliveries at once.

Hours of Operation 


Monday - Friday

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM for Pick-up