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VectorWorks Overview

VectorWorks manufactures custom GMP lentiviral vectors in support of preclinical and early phase clinical trials, functioning as a nonprofit contract development and manufacturing organization. VectorWorks aims to reduce lead time to manufacturing and accelerate production of next-generation cell and gene therapies so that children have the medicines they deserve.

Seattle Children’s is among six of the nation’s top children’s hospitals ranked by U.S. News and World Report with a lentiviral vector manufacturing facility.

Our Facility

Our 4,700 square-foot VectorWorks manufacturing facility located in the Seattle, Wash., biotech corridor is designed to house a scalable, robust, state-of-the-art GMP lentiviral vector manufacturing platform. The facility includes suites for material staging, cell expansion, upstream and downstream production, aseptic filtration/vialing, and quality control. The platform process utilizes animal-free components. All product-contacting materials are single use/disposable to minimize manufacturing risk and maximize operational efficiency.

Our team provides in house process development, quality systems and regulatory support. VectorWorks employs a fully electronic quality management system, providing an efficient and highly controlled interface for the manufacturing and quality teams to collaborate to ensure the safest and most effective viral vector products possible.

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8:00AM - 4:00PM        

1100 Olive Way
Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98101         





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